Our Pledge To Our Customers
PTM has established a program that assures the needed quality control throughout the system which includes: vendor quality, inspection methods, (incoming, in-process, outgoing), inspection equipment, records, shipping and handling.

It is the quality policy of PTM to give assurance to our customers on the quality of products we manufacture for them. Due to the diversity of our customers and their requirements, we base our procedures on each individual customer's demands and specifications.

Our primary goal is continuous improvement in quality, cost, delivery, and customer satisfaction.

Since 1970, PTM has been involved in contract manufacturing. This has given PTM the experience necessary to eliminate the worry associated with subcontracting. We will be an extension of your company. Your tool room, prototype shop, engineering department, sheet metal department, machine shop, and plastics department (including injection molding and vacuum forming).

We pride ourselves on being able to meet all your needs, doing things your way. A 68,000 square foot State Of The Art expansion of your facility is only a phone call away. Call us. We are eager to be your partner, employee, team member, and problem solver.

PTM occupies two plants in Pine Island, MN. One is for machining, sheet metal fabrication, and tooling. The other is primarily injection molding.

Headquarters & Main Plant
Precision Machining
Sheet Metal Fabrication
CAD/CAM Design & Engineering


Plastics Plant
CAD Design & Engineering
Injection Molding
Vacuum Forming
Testing & Packaging

Progressive Tool & Manufacturing Co.

290 Fifth Street NE
P.O. Box 668
Pine Island, MN 55963
(507) 356-8345
FAX (507) 356-4557
Please e-mail us at sales@ptmmn.com
for additional information.